Distant Shores - Share the Sail
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First Week Fully Booked (Feb 24-Mar 4)
Second Week is Fully Booked (Mar 4-12)
Third Week is Fully Booked (Mar 12-20)

Dreaming of sailing away but still have a lot of questions?
Need to convince your partner that traveling on a sailboat could be wonderful?
Or maybe you're just depressed about winter and long to be on a boat in tropical sunshine.
We have a solution...
Come sailing with us for a week this winter in the British Virgin Islands!

UPDATE: These have proven very popular! Our planned week booked up immediately. Now all 3 weeks are fully booked. If you are interested in this opportunity at a future date please CONTACT US
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Welcome Aboard

We're Paul and Sheryl Shard, the fun-loving hosts of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series and the authors of Sail Away! A Guide to Outfitting and Provisioning for Cruising (now being updated to a third edition). We are also instructors/consultants for the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS), Canada's largest educational institution for boating safety and navigation, and helped design their Extended Cruising course.

Sheryl and I have sailed over 100,000 nautical miles and have made 7 ocean crossings during the 27 years we have cruised to exotic ports around the world while living aboard and maintaining three different sailboats.

Through our television shows, YouTube videos, magazine articles, books and cruising seminars we share our experiences to help those dreaming of sailing away themselves to plan and carry out safe, happy and successful voyages aboard their own boats.

You're Invited!

If you are considering the cruising life for retirement, an upcoming sabbatical or a lifestyle change, a Sail Away Week is 7 days of hands-on sailing fun in the tropics with us aboard a luxurious sailing yacht where you can build new skills and get answers to your questions about the sailing lifestyle. It's always a great time!

No experience necessary.
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Watching the Distant Shores TV series and sailing vicariously with Paul and Sheryl got us through a lot of winters so it was such a thrill to be able to sail with them for a week in the British Virgin Islands. We learned so much from them in that one week such as how nice it can be to anchor overnight under the stars. As a result we were a lot more confident with our own boat when we got home and tried many new things.
Peter O’Connor and Stephanie Bowman

An All-Inclusive Sailing Retreat in Paradise

Our filming schedule for the Distant Shores TV series only allows us to offer a Sail Away Week once in a while so we're excited that we can offer it again this year and hope you'll join us.

The week will be info-packed, just like one of our cruising seminars, but rather than sitting in a classroom we’ll take you out on the water to sail in one of the world's top cruising destinations. It will be a memorable week of island-hopping with us in a safe but exciting cruising ground with lots of time for leisure activities too.

During our time together, Sheryl and I will tailor activities to meet your interests and concerns about long-term cruising. We like to think of this Sail Away Week as an on-water retreat so you can forget the work-a-day world for 7 days, relax, recharge and fuel up your dreams of sailing off into the sunset by trying it out for a week.
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Who Else is Going?

You will be in the friendly company of a small select group (3 other couples or individuals) who are considering the cruising lifestyle too. They will be like-minded sailors or “wannabe” sailors who share and support the same dream and, possibly like you, want to help their partner overcome concerns about traveling long-term on a sailboat. Plus you will have the whole week with us to get answers to all the questions you have about the cruising lifestyle.

What You'll Learn

Besides offering our guests fabulous days of sailing together between the jewel-like British Virgin Islands, we'll also be sharing the methods we've developed over 27 years of international cruising to help you plan a successful voyage of your own in the future. We’ll cover topics such as cruise planning, navigation, reading the weather, anchoring techniques, sail trim, meal design, provisioning, cooking on board, creating a budget for cruising that works for you and your crew plus many other subjects while island-hopping across sparkling seas in paradise!
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I was interested in getting into sailing. My wife, Julie, and I enjoyed watching the Distant Shores sailing TV series so I hoped that a week of sailing with Paul and Sheryl in the tropics might bring her around to the idea of buying a sailboat. 100% success! We bought our first sailing boat 6 months after returning home.
Richard Thomas
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We have been so privileged to have been able to learn from Sheryl and Paul. Maggie and I just discovered sailing four years ago and "sharing the sail" with the Shards has allowed me to cross an ocean and for us to buy our dream boat. We will now confidently be moving on to our boat with plans of sailing the world.
Doug Kimmerly
And there will be lots of time for relaxing and exploring as well. The British Virgin Islands are renowned for great swimming, snorkelling, diving, hiking and just lounging on the beach with a frosty drink in hand if that's your pleasure. There are lots of great beaches as well as several waterside spas if you want a stress-reducing treatment. Sheryl has a few favorite spas she can recommend if you'd like to treat yourself and/or your mate to some additional pampering when we take time ashore each day.
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What's the Boat Like?

While our new boat, Distant Shores III, is being built, we have arranged with Voyager Charters to offer a “Share the Sail” week in the British Virgin Islands aboard one of their luxury catamarans, a Voyage 500, that can accommodate 5 couples or individuals in their own en suite cabins - our cabin plus 4 guest cabins with queen berths each with it's own private bathroom (head) – offering you comfort and privacy.
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Just imagine a week on the water in gorgeous accommodations (that even the most hesitant of sailors will enjoy) sharing in the fun of great sailing in the protected archipelago of the British Virgin Islands, considered one of the world's top cruising destinations!

You just can't miss out on this.
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When are We Going? - Sorry Fully Booked

Just when you're really getting tired of winter, we have lined up the perfect mid-winter break for you! Look forward to an 7-day (8 nights) sailing retreat where you join the crew to enjoy the Distant Shores experience with us as your hosts.

Mark your calendars for: Friday February 24 to Saturday March 4, 2017 (Booked)
Second Week - Saturday March 4 - Sunday March 12 (Booked)
Third (final) Week - Sunday March 12 - Monday March 20 (Booked)

First Week Fully Booked (Feb 24-Mar 4) More info
Second Week is Fully Booked (Mar 4-12)
Third Week is Fully Booked (Mar 12-20)

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How Much Does it Cost?

“Share the Sail” is an all-inclusive 7-day learning vacation aboard a luxurious Voyage 500 catamaran with Sheryl and me as your hosts.

Cost includes all meals and beverages onboard, yacht charter, damage deposit, fuel, marina and mooring fees, cruising permits, gratuities and training.
Not included is all airfare to and from the boat, airport transfers, meals and drinks ashore, shoreside excursions

The cost is $450 US per person per day/double occupancy (i.e. $6,300 US per cabin for 7 day all-inclusive.)
Telephone: (705) 484-0061

Looking forward to a week of fun in the sun with you!

Warm regards,

Paul and Sheryl Shard
Hosts – Distant Shores sailing TV series
Authors – Sail Away! A Guide to Outfitting and Provisioning for Cruising
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