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Shopping local!! Almost everything in tonight’s dinner is local Caribbean… from mango, starfruit, tasty local tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber to herbs, and even the chicken.

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar came from our last major provisioning in the Canary Islands (plus the Sangria)…

Bon Appetit…
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Arrived in St Lucia!

We flew back to the boat last night after a great visit home. Top of Sheryl’s list was to have a Pina Colada. CHECK!

Now to get Distant Shores II in shape and ready for some Caribbean sailing!

Dusseldorf Boat Show - Cool Keels

I just got back from the Dusseldorf Boat Show in Germany (Boot 2016) and my head is still spinning with all the "boat overload"!! It is a really big show and I am sorry I didn't have a few more days to talk to more suppliers and see more! There was really a lot more there than I had imagined - more boats, more equipment, more toys, more of everything to do with boating.Click to read the full article
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Around the World Project - DS III

Are you looking for the perfect boat for your cruising plans? We are working on the next "Distant Shores" cruising boat for our upcoming 'round the world cruise. It will likely be a shallow draft monohull but at this stage nothing is set in stone!
If you would like to follow along to see the process of designing and building a new boat, please join our special newsletter list
No recipes, events or other lightweight stuff - just hardcore boat design details! Come aboard on the journey to find the new ideal cruising sailboat that could take you around the world.
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Boat Show Special

ALL Distant Shores - DVDs + Downloads
Distant Shores comes on 26 DVDs in a travel wallet. You also get instant access to all 130 episodes in HD for viewing online or to download to play on your devices.
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Storm Spinnaker - Downwind with twin headsails + mainsail

Sailing east to west across the Atlantic means following winds almost all the way. On this passage we have just spent the entire 11 days nearly dead downwind. Only when the occasional squall went by did the wind shift even as far as 30 degrees, so to steer our rhumb line course we would have the wind from 150 degrees to 180 degrees dead downwind for the whole way. If you are planning this passage you definitely need to have a good strategy for sailing downwind. Click to read the full article
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IridiumGO Review for Cruising Sailors

Do you want to stay connected while at Sea? To send photos back home from your adventure? Email, social media, weather info and more? This is now possible (with conditions)!! Read on…

Best Sailboat Anchor - Blog

Here is one of our most popular blogs from the last year… expanded with a few videos embedded…

What's the best anchor for a cruising sailboat?

Over the past 25 years we have used a CQR, Delta anchors and Rocnas as primary anchors, and the Fortress, Fisherman and Danforth-copy as backup-spare or storm anchors. We have anchored for many thousands of nights and have ridden out some serious gales at anchor. read more
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Offshore Sailing

Are you planning an offshore passage? Here is our webpage on Offshore Passaging with thoughts and suggestions for your sailing passages... WARNING - may entice you to head offshore!!
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Sailing Adventure on DVD & Download

Check out our most popular package - downloadable in Hi-Def and also on DVD in a nifty travel wallet!
Keep on inspiring people Distant Shores! Well done. Watched your TV shows here in New Zealand and loved every episode !
David B Via Facebook
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6 years ago my husband and I were channel surfing and stumbled upon Distant Shores. We were hooked... What is really fun is that through the show, we developed a real interest in learning to sail and last summer took our first sailing lessons and got our first ASA certification… soon we'll be able to rent bare boats and sail in the Caribbean. We joined our local sailing club… All this is because Paul and Sheryl make sailing so approachable and appealing.
Mary Via Email

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The Shards put together a great show! It's a wonderful way to see the world with a great insight into the cruising lifestyle. Top notch entertainment that will keep you wanting more Well done indeed!
Marc (Vimeo Viewer)
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