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Super Pack
ALL Distant Shores - DVD + Download
Distant Shores comes on 23 DVDs in a zippered travel wallet. You also get access to all episodes in HD for viewing online or to Download and can help you achieve your cruising dreams.
$149 US
Excellent quality of production and the true feeling of being out there. This should be required viewing. The Shards rock!
Bob Bitchin - Cruising Outpost

Individual Seasons are also available below

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Distant Shores Season Nine
Includes Episodes 105-117 of the Distant Shores series.
French Canals DVD
Atlantic Rally DVD
Caribbean Dreams DVD
Season 9: French Canals, Morocco, Canary Islands, ARC Rally, Southern Caribbean
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$34.95 Includes 3 DVDs (More Info) (Downloadable Here on Vimeo)
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French Canals DVD
Imagine travelling to Paris and through the wine country of France aboard your own boat! Paul and Sheryl Shard take you from Le Havre on the north coast of France up the Seine River to Paris past the Eiffel Tower. After exploring Paris join them as they enter the historic canals and waterways that connect to the Saone and Rhone Rivers and the Mediterranean Sea. Follow the ‘Bourbonnais’ Loire-Centre route heading south-east on the Haute Seine, the Canals Loing, Briare, and Canal du Centre to Chalon navigating 179 locks as they go. They also show you how to prepare your boat, carry out lock procedures and options for mooring along the canals. Bon voyage! More Info
1-DVD 140 minutes. (this is part of the Season 9 3-DVD set above)
$15.95 US
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Season Eight: Ireland, Scotland, Norway and Brittany Coast
International cruising sailors and filmmakers, Paul and Sheryl Shard, take you on a voyage north to the Emerald Isle. Then on to Scotland, where they cross the Crinan and Caledonian Canals and into Loch Ness. Next it’s north to the rugged Shetland Islands where they explore the northernmost British Isles. Midsummer means a passage to the beautiful Norwegian coastline to investigate Viking heritage and sail into the amazing Fjords. Sailing back south we visit historic Orkney before heading to the whisky island of Islay and the Isle of Man. With winter’s approach it’s time to visit the Brittany Coast of France, a sailor’s paradise. 3-DVD set - 312 minutes.
More Info or Downloadable here on Vimeo
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$24.95 US
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Season Seven: Channel Islands to Scandinavia + San Blas Islands
Paul and Sheryl Shard, take you aboard their new Southerly 49 sailboat, Distant Shores II, for commissioning on the south coast of England sailing to ports in Chichester Harbour and around the Solent and also try narrowboating on English canals. Next is a shake-down cruise across the English Channel to the Channel Islands off the coast of France. Then new adventures begin sailing to Holland through the shallow Wadden Sea to discover the wonders of the Frisian Islands, then through Germany's Kiel Canal into the Baltic Sea to explore beautiful cruising grounds in Denmark and Sweden. On the return voyage, travel through the Dutch Canals from the North Sea inland to Amsterdam. This series concludes in the tropics with a trip to Panama to sail with friends through the San Blas Islands. 3-DVD set - 312 minutes.
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$24.95 US
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Season Six: Chesapeake Bay, ICW and Leeward Islands
If you are planning a trip south down the coast of the USA to Florida the Bahamas or the Caribbean this set of 3 DVDs are for you! Includes special features on planning your own voyage on the Intracoastal Waterway and the Erie Canal. Saba, Montserrat, Barbuda and the Saintes as well as the lovely St Martin, Antigua and St Barts in the Caribbean Leeward Islands are covered in the shows as well as the Chesapeake Bay, Abacos and Eleuthera. 3-DVD set - 6 hours.
More Info or Downloadable here on Vimeo
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$24.95 US
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Season Five: The Med to the Caribbean and Bahamas
Cruise the west coast of Italy, visit Sicily and Malta. Charter in the Virgin Islands. Then sail from England south to Madeira, Canary Islands, then transatlantic to the Caribbean and the out islands of the Bahamas including the Exumas. 3-DVD set - 6 hours
More Info or Downloadable here on Vimeo
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$24.95 US
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Season Four: Cruising in the Middle East
We join members of the Levante Basin Rally to explore the startlingly beautiful countries of Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, Jordan and Egypt. These DVDs provide enlightening encounters as we approach the historic cities and temples of these Holy Lands by boat. Includes a special section on “Dealing with Piracy” make these DVDs “must-have” for your cruising collection.
3-DVD set - 6 hours
More Info or Downloadable here on Vimeo
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$24.95 US
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Seasons One, Two and Three - Mediterranean
These five DVDs take you across the length and breadth of the most fabled sea - the Mediterranean. From the Rock of Gibraltar in the west to Istanbul in the East, north to Dubrovnik, the fantastic Croatian islands to the Grand Canal of Venice and south to Tunisia where we ride camels into the desert. We explore the hedonistic Balearic islands of Spain, the fabulous Aegean islands of Greece and many other special places you can only reach by a boat! 15 hours of sailing adventure!
5-DVD set
More Info or Season 1 on Vimeo Season 2 on Vimeo Season 3 on Vimeo
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$59.95 US
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Cruising with the Shards
This classic DVD contains two of the Shards' popular hour-long cruising videos, "Cruising the Bahamas" and "Transatlantic Crossing" on one disk with an additional hour of Special Features including a section on cruising the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas, and Best Harbours in the Azores, Receiving Weather Information on Board, Marinelife, dolphins and whales; Boat Building and much more!  Great value!
1-DVD - 3 hours total

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$24.95 US
We are having a blast in the Bahamas and using your videos as a guide of places to see. Hope to catch up soon.
Crew of SV Jacobs Ladder
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About Paul & Sheryl

Paul and Sheryl Shard are award-winning filmmakers and sailing authors. They have sailed to over 60 countries and colonies in North and South America, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. They have sailed over 95,000 nm and completed 6 ocean crossings. 

Through Paul and Sheryl's informative and entertaining television programs, magazine articles, book and seminars, thousands of sailors have been introduced to the pleasures of sailing and inspired to carry out their own dreams of sailing to exotic ports around the world.
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Save $20 - Includes All programs on the Caribbean, Bahamas and Atlantic Crossing!
$89.95 Includes 10 DVDs - more info Season 5, Season 6, Season 9, Cruising with the Shards
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Save $15 - Includes All 52 programs on the Mediterranean, from Gibraltar and Spain to Croatia, Greece and Turkey.
$49.95 Includes 8 DVDs - more info Season 1-3, Season 4
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Save $15 - Includes 39 programs on cruising Europe, from the UK Ireland & Scotland to Holland Germany & Scandinavia. Also across France by Canals and rivers.
$69.95 Includes 9 DVDs - more info Season 7, Season 8, Season 9