Distant Shores

The Sailing Adventure TV Series

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Cruising with the Shards
Colour - Feature 115 Minutes + 1 hour of Extras
International cruising sailors and award-winning filmmakers Paul and Sheryl Shard take you on 2 exciting voyages in this informative and entertaining DVD.

Includes both the “Cruising the Bahamas” 1-hour program and the Transatlantic Crossing program. These were originally available separately on VHS cassette but now both are included on this one DVD.
DVD Features:
• 1 hour feature “Cruising the Bahamas”
• 1 hour feature “Transatlantic crossing”
• Profile on Georgetown: Bahamas Cruising Headquarters
• Profile on Azores: Mid-Atlantic Cruising Crossroads
• Whales & Dolphins slide featurette
• Marine life of the Bahamas slide featurette
• Wildlife in the Bahamas slide featurette
• Weather featurette
• Building a Dream: The building of SV Two-Step documentary

Editorial Reviews

Beautiful footage and useful hints make this a great souvenir for sailors who’ve been to the Bahamas and a good introduction for those planning to go.
Pam Juryn, Past Commodore, World Cruising Club

Another great how-to adventure by the Shards! Lots of good advice and practical tips for anyone planning an offshore passage.
DIY boatowner magazine
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