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Discovery Test Sail & DS3 Plans

Here is a (nearly final) drawing of our new Distant Shores 48, being built by Discovery Yachts. We're currently working with Discovery on the new design and think she's a beauty! A mainsheet arch keeps the cockpit clear while moving the attachment point to the boom aft. This is because mid-boom sheeting means high loads and a heavier boom as well. We learned from experience here (see Youtube). The pilot house design means more comfortable passages/night-watches as well as protection from the elements. Plus great views from the saloon! We'll get some better quality drawings in a couple of weeks!


We also shot a Vlog style YouTube (below) on a Discovery test sail in England. We sailed on a Discovery 55 (not the new 48 that we're building). We also fly our new drone, visit southwestern Cornwall, meet horses on the highway in the New Forest, and look around the Discovery Yachts factory in Southampton.

Discovery Test Sail

Although we've been aboard various Discovery Yachts at boat shows over the years, this was the first time we had sailed aboard one. Cool breezes ruffled the flags but it was sunny as we pulled out of Lymington and into the Solent on England's south coast. Luckily the wind got up to about 10 knots so we could move along and get the feel of this brand new Discovery 55 - just being handed over to her new owners.

The Discovery 55 has a double headsail system with self-tacking jib and larger genoa ahead similar to the setup we had on our Southerly 49. Normally in light winds we would use the genoa, but in the narrow Solent waters between Lymington and the Isle of Wight we flew the self-tacking jib instead. This way everyone could just relax and enjoy the sail. Making a tack is as simple as calling "tacking" and spinning the wheel.

Most Discovery yachts are delivered with a Selden furling mast, and this one was the same, set up with standard Kemp Dacron sails. Some people recommend a high performance sail for in-mast furling units and I'm sorry we didn't have it to test. Nevertheless performance was quite acceptable and the boat pointed quite well with the self-tacker sheeted in.
Looking at the self-tacking track above, I liked how it is rigged with the sheet running across the track. This is different from the way Southerly rigged it, and appeared to moderate the tacking procedure, smoothly sliding the car across. Nice!

Down belowdecks the main saloon has magnificent views from the saloon table, and also a forward view for a helmsman in inclement weather. Our new 48 will have similar views.

Discovery Factory Visit

Buying a new boat is an exciting and (hopefully) enjoyable experience! Preplanning is essential for success. Changing something in the order stage, while its still on paper is MUCH cheaper than making changes later on. A company like Discovery is used to making changes to the yacht to insure it comes out as the owner wants. In many cases changes can be made from the standard specification for very little extra. But once production is underway, changes get much more expensive. In our case we will be making the first of the new 48s and there are so many choices to make. The deck mould will be produced in the next few weeks and we're working to make sure it's right.
discovery-yachts-customer-care-design - 1

Production Plans

Building a new boat takes a while! We are hopeful the new Distant Shores 48 by Discovery will be ready in time for the Dusseldorf Boat Show in January 2018. Better get back to work!
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