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Solar Power on Sailboats - Arch Building

By Paul Shard, Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
Here are a few shots from the process of building the new aluminum arch to hold Distant Shores II solar panels. I have done the design (see blog here) and took it to FKG in St Martin. I think these guys are the best in the Caribbean for rigging and fabrication of stainless/aluminum projects for boats.

In the Shop

Nice work on the corner support! This will stiffen the structure reinforcing the corners. Beautiful welding!

Final Tweaks

We have a Rogue Wave wifi antenna and need a place to put it on the frame. Here David adds a tab to be the base mount.

Sun sets over the arch - tomorrow I will hopefully be finishing up the wiring and get it running!

Are you dreaming of sunny sailing where you would benefit from a solar panel installation? Check out our videos on all sorts of great sunny destinations!

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