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Bahamas - Back from the Annaoplis Sailboat Show

What is it about boat shows that makes a sailor's heart sing?

Is it the “toy store” appeal? The joy of being surrounded by every wonderful type of gear or gadget ever designed to make time on your boat safer, easier or more comfortable?

Or is it the opportunity to gather so much information all in one delightful day or weekend by talking to vendors, picking up brochures to pour over on cold winter nights or by attending informative seminars?
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Binge Watching - Viewing 2-6 episodes of a show in one sitting - Wikipedia

Turns out lots of people "Binge Watch" Distant Shores :-) Here are a few comments from our Facebook post yesterday...

Paul L. - My wife and I have been binge watching daily. We are on season 8 episode 7. We love watching and look forward to the day we can set sail! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

Clyde S - Alas....yes we must confess. My wife and I have been known to watch several Distant Shores episodes in an evening. We call it "Sharding" and it helps us get thru the cold dreary winter months

Mike C - Got the super pack last year and binge watched the whole thing in 4 days (Note: This is 60 hours of viewing!!)

Stephen M - We bought the first nine seasons, set down on Sunday and watched the whole first season. Then tonight watched all but two of the second season. So from your definition I guess we are binge watching. Love them!

Bryan A - Halfway through my super pack. Summer was spent on my own boat, but winter is coming time to binge again.

Sharon B - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Binge Watching Distant Shores! I might have a problem. You can't stop making shows or I won't know what to do with myself. :0)

Deb T - My Husband and I are fairly new to watching Distant Shores, and I'm proud to say we binge watch our new favorite show. (It's the only show we DO binge watch, and we repeat episodes often because there's so much to enjoy in each and every episode) We are always finding something new and interesting to talk about every time we watch. Great locations, wonderful interactions with the local folks, and so informative. We look forward to watching!

Matt P - Are you kidding? I had only seen Distant Shores on AWE TV from the Levant Basin Rally forward and even then there were gaps. When I got the DVD set, I binged from Season 1, Episode 1 forward to get caught up! I have 40 episodes on my iPod to listen to while I am working.
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What's the best anchor for a cruising sailboat?

Over the past 25 years we have used a CQR, 2 Delta anchors and 2 Rocnas as primary anchors, and the Fortress, Fisherman and Danforth-copy as backup-spare or storm anchors. We have anchored for many thousands of nights and have ridden out some serious gales at anchor. We have anchored throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, USA, Mediterranean and Europe. Plus I dove down to check our anchor, and the anchors on many other sailboats over those years.Read More
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Dreaming of a European Cruise?

Travelling north to south through France on the inland waterways right through Paris and wine country to the Mediterranean was one of our most amazing cruises!

We documented the voyage in 5 half-hour episodes of Distant Shores season 9 demonstrating how to set up your boat to go through small canals and locks, ways to transport your mast, how to transit the many different sizes and types of locks, how to tie to a bank when there are no docks available, where you can do wine tastings right from your boat and other attractions and facilities along the way. Check out
Season 9 Here - Also included in the excellent value Super-Pack
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Let's Go Cruising - Anchoring
Want to develop your anchoring skills and learn more about how to set up a good anchoring system for your boat?

Let's Go Cruising - Anchoring is the first in a brand new how-to series for sailors by Paul and Sheryl Shard. Techniques are demonstrated using footage the Shards have shot in numerous cruising destinations around the world in all types of conditions. They cover the basics of anchoring but also demonstrate advanced anchoring techniques that are sometimes needed while cruising such as how to do a Bahamian Moor, mastering Mediterranean Mooring plus surviving a tropical storm by anchoring and tying to a mangrove.

Purchasers of
Let's Go Cruising - Anchoring" are eligible for free updates and additions made to this program in the future. HD download $15.99.

Recipe - Herb Roasted Cornish Game Hen

Cruising throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas over the years, we have found that Cornish Game Hens are a popular item in the freezer sections of most grocery stores both large and small in the islands. They are compact, reasonably priced and make a very impressive meal when you want a Sunday Roast, a celebratory dinner or to treat guests on board.
read more
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Bahamas - Green Turtle Cay and Boat Yard Fun

This week Paul and I enter our second week of working in the boat yard at Abaco Yacht Services at Green Turtle Cay in the Abaco island group of the Bahamas. We had a couple of days delay with heavy rain and thunderstorms last week and now we're waiting for a part to come in by courier, a part we need to install before launching, and so it goes. read more
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The "O" Words - Offshore, Ocean & Overnight - Tech Blog

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Many years ago a cruising lady told me there were three words she didn't want to hear from her skipper. She said these were the O-Words - Offshore, Ocean and Overnight. The O-Words meant she had something to worry about in the upcoming voyage.

Hmmm, did my mate worry about such things? As a young cruising skipper I knew you have to keep the crew safe AND happy!
Read More
The Shards put together a great show! It's a wonderful way to see the world with a great insight into the crusing lifestyle. Top notch entertainment that will keep you wanting more Well done indeed!
Marc (Vimeo Viewer)

Our Most Popular Package...
Now Includes Season 10 Downloadable!

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New Episode Ready for viewing!

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Wow this is perhaps our favourite episode so far! The amazing waters of the Southern Bahamas and the incredible deserted islands are a sailors paradise! Check it out on Vimeo here. If you have already purchased the "Seasons Pass" then you can download the episode right away (Hint - there is also a 720p download but its looks even more amazing in glorious 1080p Both files are available for download with the seasons pass or individually!)

We're Celebrating!!

Yesterday our American broadcaster AWE TV had a Distant Shores Marathon!! They played 26 episodes of Distant Shores in one day!! WOW!

These episodes are all from Distant Shores Season 9 and is our most diverse season to date. We started sailing up the Seine to Paris and across France, then visited Morocco, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and explored a bit of the Caribbean too. We have worked very hard to make this series and it is very gratifying to see it appreciated with this vote of confidence. So a big thanks to you-our viewers who see the show on AWE and have helped make it a top show on this network! We will work even harder to make more good shows for you.
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Check out Season 9 Here if you don't get AWE TV
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One year ago for my birthday I got the Distant Shores Super Pack. We have watched every episode - together. Probably nothing has helped us come together (as a family) on a vision more than that experience. We have learned a lot, talked a lot, and enjoyed your wonderful show.
T.B. via Facebook
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About Paul & Sheryl

Paul and Sheryl Shard are award-winning filmmakers, sailing authors, and the fun-loving hosts of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series. The Shards have been cruising internationally since 1989 documenting their experiences for television. Their programs have been broadcast on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, PBS, Travel & Escape Channel, Women's Network and WealthTV. They have sailed to over 60 countries and colonies in North and South America, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. They have sailed over 90,000 nm and completed 5 ocean crossings. 

Through Paul and Sheryl's informative and entertaining television programs, magazine articles, book and seminars, thousands of sailors have been introduced to the pleasures of sailing and inspired to carry out their own dreams of sailing to exotic ports around the world.
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Excellent quality of production and the true feeling of being out there. This should be required viewing. The Shards rock!
Bob Bitchin - Cruising Outpost
Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.
Sail Magazine