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How to Make a Million Dollar Sailing Video

We have been filming the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series since 1998. The show has been translated into 28 languages and seen by many millions on television stations around the world.

So here's a peak into how we make our Sailing Television video series - and what it costs to produce…
Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself. Sail Magazine
We love your channel and your show. You two are the "originals". We look forward to meeting you some day. Sailing Pau Hana - YouTube
6 years ago my husband and I were channel surfing and stumbled upon Distant Shores. We were hooked... What is really fun is that through the show, we developed a real interest in learning to sail and last summer took our first sailing lessons and got our first ASA certification… soon we'll be able to rent bare boats and sail in the Caribbean. We joined our local sailing club… All this is because Paul and Sheryl make sailing so approachable and appealing. Mary Via Email
Yeah! The original sailing badasses. Before it was cool and hipster to buy a sailing boat and sail the seven seas and air it on YouTube. This crew was doing it first! I would get up in the dark winter mornings, and watch your TELEVISION show, dreaming. That's right! These Canadian sailing badasses were on T.V.! "Satellitesos" Via Instagram

Storms and Sargasso - Atlantic Part 4

We have been at sea out of sight of land for more than a week crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and still have 800 miles to go to Saint Lucia. Stormy squalls pass by regularly bringing winds over 30 knots. We also run into huge rafts of Sargasso weed which becomes a big problem for us as it hangs up on our keel and rudders slowing us down, and making it difficult to steer.

Crash Jibe! Atlantic Crossing Part 3

Our fastest ocean crossing ever! We run downwind at nearly 200 miles per day en route from the Cabo Verde Islands to the Caribbean with the ARC+ then halfway across we have a crash jibe breaking the mainsheet and traveller blocks.

Atlantic Crossing Part 2 - Party Cabo Verde

Sailing to the Cabo Verde Islands with Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2015. Its just a short stop before we set off across the Atlantic but most of the boats have repairs to do. We fix our roller furling jib and check out repair to rudders, forestays and more. Then take the ferry from Mindelo to visit nearby Sao Antao Island and provision at the excellent local markets. At the race party we learn we actually won our class in the rally and see just how small the costumes are for the Carnival! Then we set off for the big crossing! 2200 miles across to St Lucia.

Atlantic Crossing Part 1 - We Broke the Genoa

Setting sail from the Canary Islands we sail 850 miles towards the Cabo Verde Islands. Strong winds at the start, we have a fast passage, run into problems with the genoa furling gear and even pick up a hitchhiker.
Part 1 of our recent transatlantic crossing. Check back next week as we Visit the Cabo Verde Islands then set off across the Atlantic bound for St Lucia.

Ultimate Passagemaking Sailboat - Accommodations

Are you planning an extended cruise? Is "bluewater cruising" in your future? If so you may be planning to bring additional crew along on some of the offshore passages. Read on!

Planning our ideal passage-maker I have been looking at other layouts in the 45-50 foot range. Here are a few of the best known names in offshore monohulls. Hallberg-Rassy, Oyster, Hylas, and comparing to our last boat, the Southerly 49. We're looking at planning a passage with the two of us aboard, and planning to have extra crew join us on some longer passages. Lets see how the boat would accommodate the extra 1-3 people on passage, as well as how the boat could be set up for extra guests on routine sailing and exploring.

Read More…
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Around the World Project - DS III

Are you looking for the perfect boat for your cruising plans? We are working on the next "Distant Shores" cruising boat for our upcoming 'round the world cruise. It will likely be a shallow draft monohull but at this stage nothing is set in stone!
If you would like to follow along to see the process of designing and building a new boat, please join our special newsletter list
No recipes, events or other lightweight stuff - just hardcore boat design details! Come aboard on the journey to find the new ideal cruising sailboat that could take you around the world.
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Mainsail Choices

What sort of mainsail setup is best for long-distance sailing? On our first cruising sailboat - the 37 foot Two-Step - we had full battens and a rudimentary single-line reefing system. You can see the deep first reef in the picture below. By pulling the single line in the cockpit you would bring both reef points down to the boom using a pulley system hidden in the boom.
(Read the rest)

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Best Sailboat Anchor - Blog

Here is one of our most popular blogs from the last year… expanded with a few videos embedded…

What's the best anchor for a cruising sailboat?

Over the past 25 years we have used a CQR, Delta anchors and Rocnas as primary anchors, and the Fortress, Fisherman and Danforth-copy as backup-spare or storm anchors. We have anchored for many thousands of nights and have ridden out some serious gales at anchor. read more
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The Shards put together a great show! It's a wonderful way to see the world with a great insight into the cruising lifestyle. Top notch entertainment that will keep you wanting more Well done indeed!
Marc (Vimeo Viewer)

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Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.
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