Offshore Drama! Net Tangled in the Propeller…

We got a net caught on the prop as we were halfway to Porto Santo... rolling ocean swells mean you have to be careful not to get hit with the boat as you dive in clear blue water...
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Arrival in Madeira

The passage to Madeira was quite a mix of light winds, close hauled, calms and then force 6-7 gusting 8!!

We start off with dolphins visiting as we leave Santa Maria and a wonderful time in the Azores! We will be back!!!
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Distant Shores Season Ten (includes Azores & Madeira)

Includes Episodes 118-130 of the Distant Shores series.
Click here for Vimeo downloads - Advance Season Pass Available

Season 10: Do you dream of sailing the Caribbean, Bahamas or Transatlantic to the Azores? Are you planning a tropical cruising adventure or charter holiday? Need inspiration to get your crew ready to sail these exotic islands?
The last 4 episodes feature a Transatlantic crossing and summer cruise in the fabulous Azores - Mid-Atlantic archipelago and Madeira. This season is still in production so a "Season's Pass" is available giving access to all the episodes when they come out. Check out Season 10 - Visit the Page on Vimeo.
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Offshore Passage to the Caribbean - New Episode Online

Ready for an offshore passage? We have finished the latest episode of Distant Shores and it features a great passage from the Bahamas to the Caribbean... Episode 9 of Season 10 More info here on Vimeo

Best Sailboat Anchor - Blog

Here is one of our most popular blogs from the last year… expanded with a few videos embedded…

What's the best anchor for a cruising sailboat?

Over the past 25 years we have used a CQR, Delta anchors and Rocnas as primary anchors, and the Fortress, Fisherman and Danforth-copy as backup-spare or storm anchors. We have anchored for many thousands of nights and have ridden out some serious gales at anchor. read more
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Offshore Sailing

Are you planning an offshore passage? Here is our webpage on Offshore Passaging with thoughts and suggestions for your sailing passages... WARNING - may entice you to head offshore!!
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Sailing Adventure on DVD & Download

Check out our most popular package - downloadable in Hi-Def and also on DVD in a nifty travel wallet!
Thanks for helping us to move the dream forward. Whenever we watch the Shards shows we're inspired to keep moving toward a life of full time cruising. If you enjoy, travel, sailing or just well produced non-fiction television, this series is for you.
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Keep on inspiring people Distant Shores! Well done. Watched your TV shows here in New Zealand and loved every episode !
David B Via Facebook
Excellent quality of production and the true feeling of being out there. This should be required viewing. The Shards rock!
Bob Bitchin - Cruising Outpost
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All Episodes here on Vimeo
The Shards put together a great show! It's a wonderful way to see the world with a great insight into the cruising lifestyle. Top notch entertainment that will keep you wanting more Well done indeed!
Marc (Vimeo Viewer)
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About Paul & Sheryl

Paul and Sheryl Shard are award-winning filmmakers, sailing authors, and hosts of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series. The Shards have been cruising internationally since 1989 documenting their experiences for television. Their programs have been broadcast on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, PBS, Travel & Escape Channel, Women's Network and WealthTV. They have sailed to over 60 countries and colonies in North and South America, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. They have sailed over 90,000 nm and completed 5 ocean crossings. 

Through Paul and Sheryl's informative and entertaining television programs, magazine articles, book and seminars, thousands of sailors have been introduced to the pleasures of sailing and inspired to carry out their own dreams of sailing to exotic ports around the world.
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Your films are so great and just keep us watching them for hours ! We also own a boat...and we are planning to cast off to sail around the World in about one year.
Alex & Max S/Y Y2K
Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.
Sail Magazine