Bahamas to Bermuda | Distant Shores

2025 Abaco Bahamas to Bermuda

Thu 1 May 2025 - Sun 11 May 2025

11 Days & 800 nm | Advanced Passagemaking

$8,000pp 2 of 4 berths available

Here is an interesting offshore passage heading north from the Bahamas to Bermuda. We will start from the Abaco Island group at Marsh Harbour where we can provision for the 750nm passage.

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In the spring we will very likely have winds from the East as we depart the Bahamas shifting to the South East and East Force 4 with occasional squalls.

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It will take 5-7 days sailing to reach Bermuda. There will be plenty of time to practice with the sextant on this trip and will be a good opportunity to navigate the old-fashioned way.

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We will be in the Sargasso Sea on this journey and may get to see large rafts of the orange weed.

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This used to be a tricky landfall back in the days before GPS since you could come up near the reefs before you could see land. Nowadays with GPS it is safer, and a very charming landfall after nearly a week at sea.

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