Season 4 Sailing DVDs
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Distant Shores - Season Four - Cruising in the Middle East
Includes Episodes 40-52 of the Distant Shores series.

Set sail for exotic destinations in the Middle East. The adventure begins with a passage from Turkey to Cyprus. Then on to ancient Mediterranean ports in Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, where Crusader castles still guard the harbours. A transit of the Suez Canal bridges the gap to the Red Sea where in Egypt we dive on shipwrecks, anchor off remote desert islands, and make a 3-day trip down the Nile River aboard a traditional lateen-rigged sailboat called a felucca to see the Pyramids. These DVDs provide enlightening encounters as we approach the historic cities and temples of these Holy Lands by boat. But the rules are different when cruising in these waters. Security issues, handling bureaucracy, baksheesh, and a special section on “Dealing with Piracy” make these DVDs “must-have” for your cruising collection.
3-Disk Set - Contains 13 X 30-minute episodes plus Special Features.

$24.95 US
Season 4 - Visit the Page on Vimeo For Digital Downloads of the Full episodes

Trailer of Cruising Adventure in the Middle East - 3:50 min
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