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Where has all the water gone?

Exploring the shallows of the Exuma Islands near Staniel Cay we visit the Swimming Pigs and beach the boat on a sand bank in the middle of nowhere! Check out the YouTube below.

We also discuss the calculations for how to beach the boat safely. You need to figure the low tide and make sure there will be enough water at the next high tide to float again. In our case we plan to drop back to anchor for the night and it will be just after sunset so should be an easy operation.


What to do in a hurricane

This time on Distant Shores we're talking about hurricanes, strategies for hurricane season, and what to do if you get caught in one.


Aground! Shallow Water Piloting in the Bahamas

Many of you have been asking why we love variable-draft Southerly Yachts. After-all, we've owned three of the them throughout the 30 years we've been cruising. So in this latest video, we answer your questions, giving you our completely biased view on Southerlies :-) as we sail from the Turks and Caicos Islands to cruise the shallow seas of the Bahamas, before Hurricane Dorian hits. We sail in company with other 6 other Southerly Yacht owners and demonstrate the freedom the variable-draft keels give us to explore shoal-draft anchorages and bays that deeper draft yachts can't get gain access to.

At the same time, we share our techniques for shallow-draft piloting in the islands, no matter what your boat draws. The Bahamas is one of our very favourite cruising grounds and in this video we show you why.