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Distant Shores - Season Six - Chesapeake Bay ICW & Leeward Islands
Includes Episodes 66-78 of the Distant Shores Series

If you are planning a trip south down the coast of the USA to Florida the Bahamas or the Caribbean this set of 3 DVDs are for you! We voyage from Lake Ontario down the Erie Canal to New York City, then hop down the ICW bound for Florida. Along the way we meet the Caribbean 1500 Rally and talk to them about their plans for the direct Caribbean Route from Norfolk. We stay on the ICW to Beaufort, then jump to Charleston and Florida before crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. Then we jump offshore to Antigua and enjoy Caribbean cruising for a few months before returning to Eleuthera and the Abacos in the Bahamas in spring. Disk 3 includes some adventure in the Chesapeake Bay as well as a special episode called “Secret Places” with some hints for travellers to get the best from their trips!

Includes special features on planning your own voyage on the Intracoastal Waterway and the Erie Canal. Saba, Montserrat, Barbuda and the Saintes as well as the lovely St Martin, Antigua and St Barts in the Caribbean Leeward Islands are covered in the shows as well as the Chesapeake Bay, Abacos and Eleuthera.

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Season 6 - Visit the Page on Vimeo For Digital Downloads of the Full episodes
Beautifully produced, photographed, and narrated with high interest and useful information for a cruising sailor or any world traveler. Everybody loves Canadians ... so the Shards have open doors wherever they go. Paul is totally competent in all areas of sailing and boat mechanics, and the variable keel Southerly really proves its worth in waters deep and shallow.
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