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OMG! A waterspout appears near us in the anchorage at Redshanks Cay, Exumas, Bahamas. Then it hits a boat near us in the harbour!

We were anchored in George Town Harbour Bahamas in the protected corner known as Red Shanks waiting out a few days of strong weather. We heard someone on the radio announce there was a waterspout in the harbour so I jumped up on deck and watched the spout hit a 40 foot powerboat. The waterspout appeared to be heading toward us and the catamaran in the front.

Then I got the camera rolling and you can see the waterspout … then you can see the powerboat in the middle so you can see how big the spout is since the 40 foot boat - Angela D gives it scale. The spout seems to be well over 100 feet in diameter. The Angela D leans over approximately 45 degrees and their dinghy is picked up.

The waterspout is still heading towards us for a few seconds and we see items from the dinghy flying everywhere then the waterspout finally veers away towards the small island.

Everything was over in just a minute from coming up on deck. No one was injured and the boat had only very small damages - missing parts from the dinghy and small deck gear.

Caribbean Sailing Strategies

Do you dream of sailing the Caribbean someday? Are you looking for your next tropical sailing destination?
Come along with us as we explore the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean and show our process for route planning. We show how we use the PredictWind app for weather forecasting and route planning to design a comfortable cruise in the Caribbean as we sail from St. Martin to Anguilla, St. Barts, Saba and then do a nightsail to the British Virgin Islands.

Two devastating hurricanes - Hurricanes Irma and Maria - hit the British Virgin Islands in 2017. In this video (in 2019), we return to sail the BVI and get an update on recovery efforts before making a fabulous 3-day offshore passage to the Turks and Caicos.


Distant Shores Meet SV Delos

This time on Distant Shores we run our boat up on the beach in Antigua. We get invited to a pirate birthday party, change the zinc on our Varifold propeller and meet up with YouTubers aboard SV Delos.

Drone footage beaching Distant Shores courtesy of SV Delos
Additional Footage Courtesy SV Delos
Additional Footage Courtesy of Endless Playtime

This time on Distant Shores sail from Antigua to Montserrat… Nevis… Statia and St Barts - and talk gadgets with Brian and Karin on SV Delos…

Check out Delos Channel Here https://www.youtube.com/svdelos
And thanks to Brian for the excellent aerial drone shot of the Antigua anchorage :-)