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Stuck in Paradise! Bahamas sailing and Junkanoo

Feeling stuck these days? Well this video is guaranteed to lift your spirits! We got stuck in the Bahamas earlier this year (before the pandemic) and experienced Junkanoo celebrations! You can’t help but smile when you watch this one😊 since everyone, young and old, sailor and landlubber, is having such a good time! We also take the boat out to some very remote islands in the Exumas where pirates of old used to hide out amongst the shoals and give you an overview of the beautiful anchorages around the area of George Town, Great Exuma, a base for the cruising community where, at a beach bonfire we celebrate New Years.



OMG! A waterspout appears near us in the anchorage at Redshanks Cay, Exumas, Bahamas. Then it hits a boat near us in the harbour!

We were anchored in George Town Harbour Bahamas in the protected corner known as Red Shanks waiting out a few days of strong weather. We heard someone on the radio announce there was a waterspout in the harbour so I jumped up on deck and watched the spout hit a 40 foot powerboat. The waterspout appeared to be heading toward us and the catamaran in the front.

Then I got the camera rolling and you can see the waterspout … then you can see the powerboat in the middle so you can see how big the spout is since the 40 foot boat - Angela D gives it scale. The spout seems to be well over 100 feet in diameter. The Angela D leans over approximately 45 degrees and their dinghy is picked up.

The waterspout is still heading towards us for a few seconds and we see items from the dinghy flying everywhere then the waterspout finally veers away towards the small island.

Everything was over in just a minute from coming up on deck. No one was injured and the boat had only very small damages - missing parts from the dinghy and small deck gear.